With your help, the hungry are fed, the poor are clothed and given medical help, and the widows and orphans are cared for. An everyday miracle such as a water well for a village gives people hope that God hasn't forgotten them.

We must reach out to every segment of society; poor as well as rich, uneducated as well as educated, and to every race and and every nation so that we can truly fulfill the Great Commission.

The mission of the World Miracle Network is to help the hurting by providing food, water, clothing, shelter, and education to the people of the nations of the world, therefore demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ. This demonstration of love opens the door to winning many souls for Christ through our Crusades.
Bishop Thomas Mount, D.D., Ph.D. is the President of the World Miracle Network, a Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Corporation, the Presiding Bishop of the World Miracle Network Association of Churches, and a Bishop in the ICCC.. He is a church planter who is spiritual shepherd to a College of Bishops, 1,567 Pastors, and 152,000 church members in 5 nations.
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